Are you tired or uninspired?

Completing B.E Electrical with flying grades I was about to get into real market; following the tradition of working in MNC’s as an engineer bestowed the inner me. I started giving interviews, it was a season of selling myself, personal interviews, telephonic interviews, on skype, into different cities etc., parents were proud of my communication and advertising skills but somewhere my conscience was unconscious within.

I cracked the interview in, went ahead Rajasthan to yield some oil for a refinery. Everything was exquisite; parents were happy, family was toiling on my marriage now and wanted me to hitch up asap.

Picture was not that clear, some chemical reactions of my brain and heart were still not synchronized and a thought of leaving the job Bubbled up. Yes, leaving a job of 5 digits was not an undemanding task, the tables turned upon me, parents who were proud of me and were giving examples of mine to my siblings and cousins called me a disgrace and didn’t talked with me. Relatives played their role and started giving their presentations on my character and mind set. My parents were deranged and ashamed of me. My brother was infuriated by me.

I was all alone due to my recent breakup. The part was not over, now comes the time to portray my future plans. I told them that I was planning to pursue MBA in HR and wanted a simpler job so that I can heed my writing and blogging carrier. They didn’t appreciate my thought and called me a maniac. I gave time to them and started working in the Government Organisation breaking all the stereotypes of my family.

5 years have passed, I might had earner more if I had stuck to that job but I might not have aced this art of living and making oneself happy and satisfied. Who knows tomorrow, instead to live for society, start living up for yourself. You are much more than what you think.

If you work for someone and don’t work for yourself, then you are not tired, you are uninspired. I have completed my MBA (HR) and am also planning for doctorate .I now work for an entity for 8 hours and then I polish myself for the rest of 10 hours. I exercise, write, read, socialise and help the needy in terms of education and food.


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