A peck

IMG_20170313_002245_761I got a peck on my neck, Naina woke up early today. Shrugging her off, I went out to jog. Night outs and morning walks proffered me ecstasy and space from Naina. We made love but were not in love, I cared but didn’t cherished her. Naina was now okay with me, she never expected a kiss back, nor did she try to caress my messy hair, our bodies connected but souls failed.
Returning from jog I found a cadaver and people around it, my heart wretched out, series of thoughts wailed me, conscience was Meddled and in fraction of time, I realised the importance of Naina.
I discovered her in the lobby wailing on Bosci’s carcass that ended her life to get rid of her in-laws.
I went to her and kissed her for the first time. She didn’t countered but cried heavily on my shoulders, as if she was incarnated, she fell on my lap and got asleep. How incomplete I was without her! I was finding happiness from one who was never mine and ignoring the one who meant to be my life. Some stories don’t change but the characters might.
She woke up to find an incomplete munificent desire burning into a heap of letters and pictures; I grabbed her and went out. Isolated souls were liberated and had found their solace.
She smooched my neck and now I didn’t resist, I was in love with her now, she is was mine now.

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