A Decade Ago!!

IMG_20161208_212740It’s been a decade now but this incident always brings a chill within me, hovering on this very thought makes me feel stupid.

It was our 9th grade, the period of transition from a child to boy, when your puberty is at its peak and attraction takes over your senses. She was Naina, we shared the same bench in tuition. She looked like a princess to me, edgy and glowing, we used to struggle from acne and she had crystal clear skin, she always wore shades of dark blue and black which made here tone more elegant. On Sundays she used to colour her nails black and lay her hair to wave on me, the smell of refreshing Dove tickled me giving her an imo look.

That edgy eye liner had lots of questions to ask but I couldn’t stare more at her , I always had a fear of getting caught, she didn’t talk much with me, she only called when she missed a lecture or if she wasn’t getting a topic, she always laughed off  whenever I tried to get personal, she was a reserved girl. Of course, all beauties have their bodyguards, even she had her boyfriend. She was very serious about him and wanted to get marry with him. How childish we were then, these fairy tales never get real. Sometimes we used to chat and bitch about other guys and girls before classes and eat chips together. Sharing anything to her was like a golden opportunity to me. An average guy with a School heartthrob envied many.

After gelling well with her and exchanging numerous phone calls about exams, topics and bitching; at last we were real friends, we started lounging together and sometimes her boyfriend also joined us. Whenever he didn’t answered a call a Qualm used to took over her and she would be in a distress the whole day, irritated and not in a mood to talk with anyone.  Lesser did she knew, that I always liked her and wanted to be with her. Irony of life is when you start to get comfortable; either of one always has to leave. Naina geared up for a new venture and opted to move Mumbai to pursue journalism course. I was depressed and asked her if she ever liked me. She cut the call then and on the last day, she came up to me telling we are never meant to be together, it was just mere friendship and I was not of her type too. She also added to keep some things platonic; involving love in everything sometimes ruins everything.

She left then after. I got busy with my life but after a decade I saw her Facebook account with her teddy bear type husband; dark, fatty, bald and ugly, she was surely not her hunky and toned boyfriend. I sighed and swiped her off as easily she did a decade ago.


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