Friendship or Ego?

IMG_20160418_085812“Wait, you can’t go like this anyway, we need to talk!” I shouted at him but he ignored and went out slamming the door on my face. We used to be best friends, Rishabh and I were childhood friends, we grew up together, from same school, tuition and college; we shared everything from biscuits to notes, from crushes to secrets, issues to laughter, vacations to trips, hangouts to breakups everything.

After college it started to change, Bitterness led into our friendship, the long lost brother didn’t bothered for me anymore, may be having some new friends was an achievement for him, may be night outs with colleagues seems to fascinate him more, I never confronted him but always warned him that it hurts me being ignored. Becoming strangers from best friends is worse than anything.

Even I popped my nose into work and he was in his demeanour. Yesterday he came to my house, I was happy to see him.  His sarcasm reflected that nothing was same as before, still he was my friend so this didn’t mattered much to me. I asked about his whereabouts and saw a mark on his elbow, it was from a syringe, saw several of those, I doubted danger and made a peep inside his nose, yes there was white skin in it, yes he was into drugs. This came as a shock to me, still I choose to be mum and thought to tackle it tactfully.

Rishabh was still the same, he never combed his hair, a ripped pair of jeans and plane t-shirt was his dress code, I guess he never urge for an attention from anyone, he just wanted to be like this though he used to be the hottest guy in our group, he dragged a pillow and rested on it, asked me to fetch some cookies, I passed him some digestive cookies. He moved the container aside, “You need to exercise to lose weight, dieting won’t affect much, Akash; never mind you are in a shape now, let’s get out and have something to eat”,  after two years we were like together, otherwise we only exchanged glances feeding our ego. We went to a pizza parlour and ate, after that we went for a joint, I asked him about him having someone in his life, he said yes and showed me her pics, she looked nice but was not surely of his choice, I didn’t commented anything, after few tit tats, he said me about his addiction of having drugs and wanted to get free from it. I suggested him to join a rehab as he had come a long way across.

We planned to join the rehab; we went to see the doctor. Doctor was too nice to him and assured him to get the things done, we doubted as his parents were unknown about the situation as they lived abroad. He was all alone and may have been influenced by his new group, whatever it may be, I wanted him to recover. We took a quick look at the centre, but after seeing the patients and the recovery process, those wounds and painful screams, he went out, he dropped the idea and wanted to quit the process. He ran out from the centre slamming the door at me.

But I will bring him back, for now I am his only family, will keep my regrets aside, he needs me, the bestie needs me.


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