An Unexpected Call

IMG_20161024_223313Relaxing on a Sunday Morning with a thought of not going anywhere was itself a treat to me. Messy hair and pyjamas blotted cherry on a cake. Cellphone was not charged so kept instagramming aside and switched on to read a book, choices were many but instead of reverberating between series and books I picked up something more exciting. Yeah, Durjoy Dutta came in my rescue and I picked up ‘Till the Last Breath’.

Made myself a hot cocoa, fetched some organic chocolate cookies and went on for a reading feast.
The book was gripping and suddenly I saw a name on my phone blinking up which made my heartbeats faster, it was Shiya, yeah I was unable to delete her number, a whatsapp DP of hers was enough to start my day, plunging a thought that she was once mine, that she once smiled with me , for me. The messy hair today are also due to her, she always used to caress them, this call of hers made me think of it even more. I thought a little more.

I picked it up and said, “Hello Shiya, How are You?”; “Better now!” with a flat voice she murmured,
these sharp words always bled me in past also, she did it today, maybe her half surpassed aim was completing,  with a chilled heart I asked her the purpose of calling after a year. She started sobbing,” You, were never mine, you only pretended, I doubted before but now you are Exposed Akash, I found the real you.” I took a deep breath and with my shattered pieces tried to calm her down, she cried a little more and a tear came down on my cheek confronting that I did cared for her, I do care for her even now.

The reason she said was obnoxious, I did chatted with girls and hanged out with them, she had issue with everyone, she made me trapped inside her love cage, I was not against commitments, but the way she loved me feared me a little more. As I loved her I neglected those  and accepting this as her nature I loved her a little more. I shared everything with her from whatsapp chats to facebook likes, from my mother’s calls to my nephew’s birthdays.  That movie plan with Krunal and Riya broke her, I said her that I need some space as they are my childhood pals and they had some rights on me, we need to share some bestie secrets, we need to rejoice our childhood.  She can’t be with me all the time, reason was simple.

The topic was dragged for months and every meeting and chat was brought up exaggerated and manipulated by her, meeting with my family members and best friends were also not pardoned. I took a step and broke up with her, may be this was not the best decision of my life, still it made me feel free. I did cried for months but was able to come out, still I missed her, still I loved her.

On the phone she said I was having relationship with Riya as she had the chats of her and me screen-shotted and have read it with every minute detail , her overthinking led us to sleep together, I was shocked and puked by her behaviour.  She invited to meet me but I was done now, may be if Riya was not brought in between I might have met, but as she haven’t  changed I dropped the idea and cut the crap by wishing that she would get someone even better. I doubt who was Exposed, I or her?


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