A Secret Summit

Two years ago, I planned to move out and attend a secret summit, internet is best option when you are bored up and have nothing much to do with your life. Secret summit was meant to be secret but some things are needed to be shared as if I don’t want to die alone with heavy heart.

The time scheduled was late 1:00 am in an abandoned restaurant and I was surprised to see the people over there, theme was gothic but was revealing depression, threat and molestation, few minutes went consternated. It was Cycilia who tapped me from behind, a girl in twenties, wearing black spaghetti and high heels, smoky eyes on a pale face wanted to share something. I shared a smile, she suggested me to move on a corner as my nonplus looks were evoking I was a first timer in this summit.

After casual talk I was free to ask her about her condition and the marks on her skin, she revealed that it was from her family. Her mother had an affair with her gym trainer and she was molested by his father and brother, she was having an incest relationship with them. Though they belonged to a highly reputed family with crores of turnover weekly. How come this happen, she was a ready example of money and its adverse effects, she went to tell me that she also had a boyfriend who is ok for an open relationship and she can have as many guys as she wants, he also had shared her with many of his friends. She added, “This is a part of my Lifestyle now”.

I asked her whether she was happy, she smirked and went off, advised me to keep out from this group and socialize with normal people, I later realized that everyone had a dark secret over there and they gathered there for a physical and emotional pleasure.

I later realized as a misfit over there.


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