IMG_20160702_222935Standing in a queue was not an issue but the scorching sun upon my head had made the situation worse.  Waiting with 500 and 1000 Rupee notes with strangers passing through the same phase, sweating, arguing and debating was not a great idea.
Someone was even vomiting and fainted due to sunstroke, it wasn’t comfortable altogether.

Until she came, her hair waved my mind and got me back into 11th Grade, yes she was Reva, the same Reva who used to be my bestfriend, we used to share everything from slam books, crushes, kisses and even smiles. She was my reason for attending the school. We had planned to study abroad together but things won’t work as our perusal. Some little fights turned into ignorance and hatred which were never, ego took over friendship and it let me not to smile anymore.

She smirked at me portraying I am no one for her, maybe I was good at reading eyes, it said a different story. I smiled at her and took a break. She turned back at me and boldly confronted me slapping gently. These gestures of hers always made me feel special to her, always made me her best friend.

“You have lost some weight Akash, my bestie have turned out to be a handsome men, loved your glares and nice T-Shirt, how come you look damn hot?” it cheered me up a bit but she isn’t going to be mine deemed me.  She asked me for the details of my girlfriend and the ring on her hand gave me the proof of her being someone’s else. She was my only friend, attraction came and went but nothing like her.

I told her I was dating a girl after she started displaying pictures of her husband and her son in Maldives and all, least interested I was. I asked her few personal questions but she ordered me to Control softly spoke that things were not the same, we are not best friends anymore.

This ripped my heart out, I was about to ask her, “What I did wrong?  You might have slapped me and guided onto the right path” but things were definitely not same anymore. Reva was not same anymore


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