Morph of CA

IMG_20160217_234114Waking up on a summer morning and embedded with a thought of confession made me nervous.
It was like tables can turn upon me. Still, I got up and grabbed a coffee. Coffee has now became my best friend after that breakup.

I went up to my parents; father was as usual watching T.V and reading newspaper simultaneously.
I don’t know how can he manage, here I can’t even manage my mood swings. Maa was in her routine chirping a song and busy shelling peas, today she was going to make Kachories, look now I have to manage my weight too..uhhh..

Means today was a normal day overall.  I giggled as this was silence before the storm, the whole house was going into turmoil soon.

I took a chance and announced “I am not going to appear for my CA Exams the next month”,
Paa looked into my eyes, I was unable to look at that curious rage. He summoned my mother and told her what shit I was talking; she came and started yelling unable to defend me in this case. I can understand their situation as they have invested every penny to fill up our education, after getting a substantial break, they asked me the reason.

Heart throbbing and with a lump in my mouth I told them about me being a Hair Stylish, they were astonished to hear that. “You haven’t have wasted lakhs to be a barber Akash”, I reverted back and told them the difference between a hair dresser and barber but went in vain. Rage was at its peak when I told that I wanted to have Apprenticeship in Loreal and it may cost upto 2 Lakhs for 6 months tenure.

“You have gone mad, you need a psychiatrist, don’t make us mad, pardon us, let us live happily, don’t spoil your career and our honour in society. Please heed to your classes and try to make money, have some futuristic plans, start a business and get yourself a tuxedo instead of an apron” Paa yelled at me.
One more dream was murdered under parental and social pressure; one more file was handed instead of scissor. Accountancy triumphed over style. A morph was created without a soul.


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