Kiss with Coral Lip Gloss

unnamed“Not a single word now!!!” I replied her after listening for suppressive 15 minutes. It was a weekly routine now.
“…..but how did it came out from your pocket, I don’t use coral lip gloss” Vaidehi exclaimed shedding a tear, now I was losing temper, she sheds a tear and I am done, I apologize for everything she thinks, whatever she believes, whatever she wants me to believe. I tried to push a last ball in my court.
“Vaidehi, that gloss was just to moisturize the chapped lips and was borrowed from my colleague, she hesitated at first feminist stereotype… Boys don’t wear Lip glosses and giggled but insisted and she made me use it. That’s it!! Don’t overthink…, WE WEREN’T KISSING”
She gave me a gaze and went out annoyingly; full of anger, hatred and love squeezed in her vibrant face, her mascara cried which made me more vulnerable. I stepped up, grabbed her and wiped her salty face and without a second doubt implanted a kiss on her soft lips with my coral lip gloss smeared lips. The smile on her face revealed she did liked the taste, the she did loved me. Even I love her.
I returned back the gloss to my colleague but she was asking for her lost earring also, which she might have forgot at my place yesterday. I was flabbergasted as she spoke, and found it clinging at my bag pack. She took it and moved on….May be I need to move on too, as if I don’t want to make Yarns every day to Vaidehi.

P.S: I Love Vaidehi, stands won’t affect our bond, NEVER.


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